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Whistler Gran Fondo 2012

Location Stanley Park, Vancouver
♫ Bicycle Race by Queen

After a bit of a break for the summer (to ride my bike, naturally!) I’m back with a few highlights of one of BC’s biggest cycling events: The Whistler Gran Fondo.

The third edition of the ride featured over 6,000 cyclists making the (mainly uphill) ride from downtown Vancouver to Whistler— 122 km in total.

If you like those numbers, then check these out. The race included, at my count:

  • 40 bikes with flat handlebars
  • 1 tandem bicycle
  • 1 recumbent bicycle (yes, its rider had a long beard)
  • 0 unicycles (unfortunately)
  • 1 purple tu-tu

Congrats to Marvin Guzman (or was it James Scale?) for taking first place overall, and Leah Guloien for winning the women’s category!

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A Bike Ride Through Vancouver: 2012 Edition

In 1974, Hans Spima took his Braun Nizo Super 8 camera, equipped with an intervalometer, mounted it on his camera, and went for a ride around Vancouver. Nearly 40 years later, he rigged up a machine to transfer the images from film to his computer and posted the result on Youtube for the world to see.

In 2012, my wife and I took my Canon Powershot D10 camera, hacked with an intervalometer script, mounted it on my camera, and went for a ride around Vancouver. A couple of weeks later, I transferred the images from the memory card to my computer and posted the result on Vimeo for the world to see.

We tried to recreate the route as closely as we could. We mostly succeeded— I’ll leave it to you to figure out where we didn’t. Here’s the route we mostly took.

Obligatory XKCD



If you are not familiar with XKCD and you consider yourself at all nerdy, shame on you.

No More Excuses

The Boston Globe | The Big Picture

OK, folks: no more excuses, just get out and ride your bikes.

Too snowy? No problem.

Job requires you to wear a rabbit suit? No problem.

Too many kids to take to school? No problem.

Too much sperm to carry? No problem.

Go see The Boston Globe’s Big Picture feature for more beautiful photos!

Bike Ride with Rita Hayworth


Look at that elegance! The curves! The shapely figure!

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the woman riding the bike, that’s one of the American Film Institute’s 100 Greatest Stars of All Time, Rita Hayworth.

Retronaut has more pics of her and her friends riding their bikes to a picnic about 70 years ago.

(I would say that they just don’t make them like that anymore, but they do.)

Yes, You Can Have It All!

Love the exercise but hate the fresh air?

Want to break a sweat but think that moving under your own power is passé?

Love riding recumbents but have a butler who can’t keep up to you while he reads you the news?

Want to arrive at work feeling refreshed but not if it means people think you are one of them?

This is the product for you!

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The Cyclist and the Dog

Only the cyclist knows why the dog rides with its head out the window.

– Dartanyon

Bikes are Posh

At least they were in 1956, according to one British linguist [1].

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