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Whistler Gran Fondo 2012

Location Stanley Park, Vancouver
♫ Bicycle Race by Queen

After a bit of a break for the summer (to ride my bike, naturally!) I’m back with a few highlights of one of BC’s biggest cycling events: The Whistler Gran Fondo.

The third edition of the ride featured over 6,000 cyclists making the (mainly uphill) ride from downtown Vancouver to Whistler— 122 km in total.

If you like those numbers, then check these out. The race included, at my count:

  • 40 bikes with flat handlebars
  • 1 tandem bicycle
  • 1 recumbent bicycle (yes, its rider had a long beard)
  • 0 unicycles (unfortunately)
  • 1 purple tu-tu

Congrats to Marvin Guzman (or was it James Scale?) for taking first place overall, and Leah Guloien for winning the women’s category!

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