Bicycles are ‘Preferred’ in Waterloo’s New Official Plan

On April 2, the City of Waterloo, Ontario, approved its new and improved official plan. Here’s a collection of excerpts that describe how the bicycle is a key part of the City’s vision for the future.

Achieving a healthy and livable City and a transportation system that is sustainable into the future will require placing increased emphasis on moving people – this means managing our travel in order to reduce reliance on the automobile in favour of transit and more active forms of movement such as walking and cycling.

Prioritizing Active Transportation

[The City will plan] for safe and convenient pedestrian and cyclist movement, giving priority to these travel modes in the planning, design and operation of the City’s networks (road and trails/open space) as well as in the design of sites and buildings

[The City will plan] for a transportation system that… increases the opportunities for, and removing the disincentives to, walking, cycling and transit.

Council supports and encourages pedestrian and bicycle travel as preferred forms of travel. These travel modes will be supported through the planning, design and maintenance of the parks, trails and open space network, the road network as well as site, building and streetscape design.

It’s About More than Just Streets

The City will plan for the development of buildings, sites and streetscapes that are safe, attractive, well maintained and provide for the convenient and comfortable movement of pedestrians and cyclists.

The City shall periodically review parking usage, availability and parking standards for various land uses and adjust or establish standards which result in parking supplies that address development needs while encouraging the use of pedestrian, bicycle and transit travel as alternatives to the automobile, where feasible.

A huge kudos to the City of Waterloo for making cycling such an integral part of their Official Plan! This is a city looking to the future.

Have a look at the full Official Plan.


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