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Toronto Students Repair Stolen Bikes

A cool story from the CBC this week:

Students at a west Toronto high school are fixing up hundreds of broken-down bicycles seized from notorious bike thief Igor Kenk.

The bike repair class at Central Commerce Collegiate Institute located on Shaw Street south of Harbord started this September.

The class was started after the Cabbagetown Youth Centre, which had received the bulk of the almost 3,000 unclaimed bicycles confiscated from convicted bike thief Kenk, gave hundreds of damaged bikes to the Toronto District School Board.

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Bicycles are ‘Preferred’ in Waterloo’s New Official Plan

On April 2, the City of Waterloo, Ontario, approved its new and improved official plan. Here’s a collection of excerpts that describe how the bicycle is a key part of the City’s vision for the future.

Achieving a healthy and livable City and a transportation system that is sustainable into the future will require placing increased emphasis on moving people – this means managing our travel in order to reduce reliance on the automobile in favour of transit and more active forms of movement such as walking and cycling.

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The Cyclist and the Dog

Only the cyclist knows why the dog rides with its head out the window.

– Dartanyon

Bikes are Posh

At least they were in 1956, according to one British linguist [1].

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Canadian Mode Share of Transport to Work

The magazine Money Sense recently published a list of its Best Places to Live in Canada. This list is about as flawed as all others of its kind, but it did contain an interesting gem of data: as a percentage of commuters, more Yellowknifers walk and bike to work than do Vancouverites: 24% versus 16%. (At least, that was the case in 2006. We may never have more updated statistics, thanks to our all-knowing Conservative government.)

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