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Quick: what’s wrong with this picture?

Photo courtesy of US Department of Transportation.

Read more in a presentation on Bicycle Path Entry Control by Ed Cox and Maggie O’Mara.


Review #2 cont’d: Shanghai Signage

Location French Concession, Shanghai

In North America we love signs. Don’t turn right. Go straight. Go around this round-about. Don’t run into this wall. The road is about to curve. This traffic light is for people wanting to turn right [1]. As soon as you get on the road, everywhere you look there is a sign telling you where to go, where not to go, and how fast to do it.

Not so in Shanghai.

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Review #2: Shanghai

Location Entrance to Shanghai Old Town

In December I was lucky enough to find myself in Shanghai for a few days. This was my first time in China, and I was excited to visit this bustling, burgeoning metropolis. Naturally, given China’s historical relationship with the bicycle, my top priority there was finding a bike and going for a spin.

Though the hotel concierge seemed perplexed at the idea, we finally got in touch with China Cycle Tours and set up a four-hour tour of the city. Man, what a treat!

It was a beautiful day (if you don’t mind a bit of smog in the air), the guide was knowledgeable and fluent in English (lucky for me!), and I was the only one crazy smart enough to sign up for the tour that day: does it get any better?

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