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Merry Christmas!

Christmas Bikes


Merry Christmas everyone! See you in 2012!


Bridge Vlaardingse Vaart

Bridge Vlaardingse Vaart
Location Vlaardingen, Netherlands
West 8

The new crucial connection in the urban and recreational bicycle network calls for a strong identity in the area. By virtue of its location in a natural green setting on the edge of the city, the bridge is both tempting and surprising to its users. An expressive though subtle sculpture establishes the moment of ‘crossing’ and captures the qualities of the immediate landscape.

West 8 provides more information.

On Spending Money

Why would anyone buy a car if they lived in a large city? It’s the only thing you own that decreases in value year on year on year. Plus, You have to sink a fortune into it in road tax, insurance, parking, petrol, and if you live in London the C-Charge.

It’s a money pit.

Buy a bicycle and spend the money you save on cravats, loose women, and ham.

A really, really nice ham mind you.


(Photo: Al Paraíso)

Review #1: Hornby Bike Lane

Location Northbound on Hornby Bike Lane, Vancouver
♫ Train Robbin’ Scoundrels by Train Robbin’ Scoundrels

This is the first installment of a new series of reviews of cycling facilities close to home and anywhere I can hop on a bike. My goal is to describe the user’s experience of these facilities, and hopefully suggest some helpful adjustments to make them better.

Let’s roll.

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